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Growth Can't Wait. Payments Can.

Growth Can't Wait.
Payments Can.
Buy SaaS tools now & pay back upto 8 months later.

Why Buy with SaaSPay?

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Why BNPL for SaaS

Businesses lock-up upto of 25% of their funding in SaaS tools. These recurring expenses eat into monthly budgets & amplify burn.
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Increase Capital Productivity

With flexible payback, unlock capital, off-set burn and let your capital fuel a mission, that�s more than just business as usual.
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Achieve Better Financial Health

Achieve healthy EBITDA rates, lower monthly burn & better capital efficiency by opting to Buy Now Pay Later for tech expenses.
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50+ SaaS Sellers Onboard

A solution that fits into your existing buying process, we have partnered with top SaaS sellers to provide you with the option to Buy Now Pay Later.

Grow Now with



months of extended runway and payback time


more savings in comparison to monthly plans


interest if you buy now and pay back in 3 months

Here's How it Works

Choose to pay with SaaSPay at seller’s checkout.

Simplify Recurring SaaS Expenses


Equity Free Capital

Pay back on your own terms with our non-dilutive, equity-free checkout payment solution.

Flexible Repayment

Buy SaaS subscriptions of your choice today and pay back flexibly.

Easy Cancellations

Find value in SaaS subscriptions with easy cancellations as per the seller's policy.

Credit Calculator

Here's how much you can spend on SaaS without paying anything for 8 months

Total Funding Raised₹100,000,000
Annual SaaS Spending₹2,500,000
Credit Line Allocated

Become a SaaSPay Empowered Buyer

Get in touch to know how you can buy SaaS with SaaSPay’s BNPL
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