Growth Can't Wait. Payments Can.

A pay later for your SaaS and cloud expenses
Postpone tech expenses to unlock capital and do more with it with India's first Buy Now Pay Later for SaaS
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Join 70+ top SaaS Businesses offering SaaSPay

Unlock 30% of your budget locked in tech expenses

Mobilise capital parked in SaaS expenses to reduce burn, improve EBITDA & increase capital productivity.

Discounts up to 25% w/o Upfront Payments

Benefit from monthly payment flexibility while enjoying discounts of up to 30% on annual subscriptions. Simplify your SaaS expenses and optimize budgets to maximize growth.
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*Discounts up to 25%* w/o Upfront Payments

Offset Burn by 20%

Reduce burn by eliminating monthly payables on SaaS & cloud subscriptions across tools being used company-wide. Improve financial metrics & performance with strategic reallocation.
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*Offset Burn* by 20%

Improve EBITDA and Capital Productivity

Mobilize tech budgets to do more with it. Paying later on SaaS & cloud expenses frees up capital to reallocate to marketing, hiring, new initiatives & more. Unlock your capital’s growth potential.
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Improve *EBITDA* and *Capital Productivity*

70+ SaaS Sellers Onboard

Partnered with 70+ B2B SaaS sellers, avail SaaSPay on the checkout or with your account executives. Enjoy savings & payment flexibility with SaaSPay
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70+ *SaaS Sellers* Onboard

Our Solution in Action

A financing solution that fits into your existing buying process.
Choose *SaaSPay*
Choose SaaSPay
At checkout or with your account executive, opt for SaaSPay as your preferred payment option. Complete onboarding to unlock an instant SaaS payment plan.
Cha-ching! Receive your *Credit Line*
Cha-ching! Receive your Credit Line
Unlock a notional credit line and use it for IT & tech financing to fuel your growth.
*SaaS Now, Pay Later*
SaaS Now, Pay Later
Buy your SaaS tools via SaaSPay without any upfront costs.
Credit Calculator
Credit Line Allocated
Installment amount
No. of installments
Total Funding Raised₹7,500,000
Total SaaS Expenditure₹250,000
Expected Payment FrequencyYearly EMI
Don’t just take it from us

DriveU smoothly purchased CleverTap & Freshworks annual subscriptions using SaaSPay's BNPL. We were particularly happy with the discounts we received on annual subscription payments without any impact on our cash balance. Routing such transactions through SaaSPay can greatly improve the liquidity of a company. A must-try for seamless procurement experiences


Director of Finance at DriveU


Discover the impact of SaaSPay

Real Businesses. Real Results.
Case study
How DriveU unlocked discounts on CleverTap & Freshworks & improved capital productivity
DriveU availed discounts upwards of 30% on tools like CleverTap & Freshworks with 0 upfront payments. By not locking up capital in tech expenses, reducing monthly burn and saving on their tech stack, DriveU improved their liquidity positively impacting cash flow & capital efficiency.
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