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What's Holding You Back?

Transacting in USD presents customers challenges in withholding taxes, outward remittance & more.


Unrealised Revenue

Deals, revenue and customers remain unrealised due to the complexities presented by multi-currency & forex transactions.


Setbacks of withholding taxes

Withholding taxes set the customer back an 15 to 20%, leaving them expecting SaaS sellers to absorb the added costs.

Streamlining Multi-Currency
Payments with SaaSPay
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Simplifying Currency Conversion

  • Raise an invoice in INR using SaaSPay


Buyer-Friendly INR

  • Hassle-free INR payment completed by the buyer


Seamlessly Convert
to USD

  • You realize revenue in USD facilitated by our Forex APIs

Don't let Multi-Currency complexities hold you back

Frequently asked Questions

Multi-currency payment on AWS refers to the capability to conduct transactions and make payments using multiple currencies within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. It allows users to handle financial transactions involving various currencies seamlessly, simplifying cross-border payments and providing flexibility in conducting international business.

Multi-currency transactions on AWS typically involve the following steps: Currency Selection, Currency Conversion, Billing and Invoicing, Payment Processing, Account Management. Overall, multi-currency transactions on AWS streamline the payment process for users operating in different regions, enabling them to leverage AWS services efficiently without concerns about currency compatibility.

Multi-currency on AWS supports a range of currencies to accommodate users worldwide. Specific supported currencies can be checked with AWS documentation or account settings.

No, multi-currency on AWS is not limited to specific currency pairs like INR to USD. It supports a variety of currencies, enabling users to conduct transactions in their preferred currency.

There may be specific transaction limits associated with multi-currency usage on AWS, depending on the user's account type, region, and other factors. Users should refer to AWS documentation or account settings for information on transaction limits.