Growth Can't Wait. Payments Can.

Realize Annual Contract Value on Day 1
Offer Monthly Payment Flexibility on annual deals & Eliminate USD Billings with BNPL for SaaS & cloud.
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Convert monthly deals to annual deals

Without upfront payments

Increase Annual Subscription Sales

Upfront payments are the only reason your customers choose monthly plans over annual. Eliminate upfront payments on annual SaaS subscriptions & still realize annual contract value on Day 1.
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*Increase Annual* Subscription Sales

Convert monthly into annual deals

Offer annual deals with payment flexibility to customers on renewal cycles to convert from monthly plans with ease.
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*Convert monthly  into annual deals*

Eliminate Payment Chasing & Churn

Realize annual contract value on day 1 to eliminate payment chasing, collection reminders, and churn. Manage your team’s time and resources with efficiency.
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*Eliminate Payment Chasing & Churn*

12x AOV & CLTV on Day 1

Increase average order and customer lifetime value by 12x on Day 1 by realizing forecasted revenue of monthly paying customers.
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*12x AOV & CLTV* on Day 1

Magic in Action: The SaasPay Way!

How does it work?
*On checkout & In sales pitch*
On checkout & In sales pitch
SaaSPay can be introduced to your customers in both sales & product-led motions.
*Seamless Checkout*
Seamless Checkout
Effortlessly integrate SaaSPay's BNPL payment option with your existing checkout solution.
*Earn ACV on Day 1*
Earn ACV on Day 1
Realize forecasted revenue of monthly paying customers on Day 1 of the subscription.
Bye USD Billings!👋 Hello, Smooth
INR Transactions!
For Customer For You
✓ Close deals faster with payment flexibility.
Eliminate Withholding taxes of 20%- Realise contract value in USD
Conversions, Productivity & Cashflow
SaaSPay acts as a B2B SaaS sales accelerator for teams driving high-velocity sales

Sales Team

No more Complex ACH Transfers - Collect in INR from your customers
Convert price-sensitive leads
Improve customer retention

CSM Team

Convert monthly to annual on renewal cycles
No recollections & payment chasing
Eliminate payment-related churn

Finance Team

Realise forecasted revenue of monthly customers
Receive monthly billables as one-time payments
Increased cash flow on Day 1.

Seller Spotlight

Discover how SaaSPay's payment solutions enabled sellers to smash their sales targets. Hear firsthand accounts of how we empowered them to achieve unprecedented SaaS growth.
Case study
How AWS Marketplace eliminates USD & enables payment flexibility using SaaSPay
AWS Marketplace bid adieu to USD billings & upfront payments cramping up cash flow. MP simplified transactions by offering customers the option to make INR payments which was previously not possible. With an added layer of payment flexibility, AWS was able to earn ACV on Day 1 while helping customers avail better discounts and payment flexibility
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Case study
How Builder improved annual subscription sales using SaaSPay
By simply integrating SaaSPay onto their existing checkout, Builder now receives the ACV on day 1, on all their deals. By eliminating monthly churn and doubling their annual deals, Builder has increased their ARR exponentially.
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Case study
How Gupshup boosted Retention and slashed churn with SaaSPay
By selling annual plans with the perk of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) through SaaSPay, Gupshup increased their Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Integrating SaaSPay with their existing checkout journey allowed Gupshup to receive the Annual Contract Value (ACV) on day 1, eliminating monthly churn, doubling their annual deals and improving retention.
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